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Go to Records Management

Records Management

Students’ information, Teachers’ information, Academic Records and a lot more information is being managed with database system. Easy search feature will enable to find information quickly.

Go to Automated Processes

Automated Processes

Don’t spend much time for managing test results. You can simply enter the results to Ubuyu, the system will process other steps automatically. All reports will be on your hand in a minute.

Go to Reports Printing

Reports Printing

Ubuyu basic supports various reports printing. Admission book, Teacher list, Continuous assessment sheets, Consolidated sheets, Leaving Certificates, Students Reports and so on.

Go to Value Added Services

Value Added Services

You can add more features and services on your Ubuyu Free Version with reasonable cost. Lesson plan, Customized Reports, Data input service and lots more features and extra services are ready for you.

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Tanzania's Leading ICT Consulting Firm, HATUAMOJA
HATUAMOJA delivers Innovative ICT solutions in Tanzania

HATUAMOJA's every ICT solutions fit on and fully supports current Tanzanian Circumstances.

Our idea always starts from What Tanzania lacks and weak. Ubuyu was the first result of our concern and our first project toward Education sector.

Made by Tanzanian and Proud of Tanzanian.

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