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‘Ubuyu Free’ is free of charge only for schools. It is not allowed to use by a personal. That’s why there is a trial period.
During a trial period, you may see a sample school name on the top. After finishing a trial period, the system won’t be available.



With proof of your school, we will issue 1 year license for free and you may use the system without any barrier and your school name will be appeared on the header and footer of system. All reports will be generated with the name of your school. Each year you can get re-issued license file from HATUAMOJA and it’s free as well.

Why we are using this 1 year license system is that we need to keep checking who is using our system and how. Then, we can hear from you about the evaluation of Ubuyu system. It’s very important.


How to apply

Fill the form below and attach a proof of your school, it could be a registration certificate of your school. Don’t forget to leave your school phone number.
Once confirmed, we will send an 1 year free license file with instruction to your email.
If you don’t receive any feedback within 3 days, please contact us again. It might be a problem of email communication.

Don’t forget to leave your school name of both Kiswahili and English.

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