Value Added

Value Added Features & Services

If you need more features, you can easily add them to your ‘Ubuyu Free’ with very reasonable cost.

Currently, we have modules below,


Value Added Features


 Module  Features  Price
 Lesson Plan v1.0 – Term Lesson Plan
– Printing the plan
Develop a Customized Feature – 1 month warranty, once-off development.
– Price could be varied based on the scope of the feature.
– per Feature cost
– Detail will be discussed
  • New features can be added without notice, so we recommend you check it periodically.
  • The cost must be paid in advance except the customized feature. The customized feature will be paid 50% in advance :50% on completion.


Value Added Services


If you face some difficulties on installation, or need a printed manual, you can easily purchase the service with reasonable cost. Meet out various value added services for you.

Service Description Price
Installation * We visit your school and install Ubuyu free including basic environment with Apache, PHP, MariaDB and all other 3rd party solutions.
* Regular Backup schedule is installed, so you can protect valued data from in case of hacking or malfunctioning of hardware. (You must provide appropriate backup device.)
Multi-User Configuration * We add a router and configure to use Ubuyu as a multi-user system with wireless Network.
* There is no limited number of PCs can be accessed to Ubuyu at once.
* A router device will be provided within the cost.
Term Configuration * Each term, you must configure a basic settings. HATUAMOJA will do for you. 150,000Tsh
Printed Copy of a manual 15,000Tsh per copy
Records input Support * Student Records, Teacher Records 500Tsh per student or teacher
Data input Support * Continuous Assessment Data (Exam Results) 30,000Tsh per 100 students
  • The cost must be paid in advance.
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