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Move forward

WAMOJA, we keep moving forward faster


The WAMOJA ICT Consulting Limited is a limited company operated by fully passionate and confident young professionals in the field of Information and Communication Technology (ICT). WAMOJA is specialized in Web and System Development and most of other Internet Business.

Our vision in 2016

In 2016, WAMOJA, we are planning a great move forward with Ubuyu. We always think about how we could contribute on the society. For the first task, we starts distribute a system called ‘Ubuyu’ to schools. The education is the most important factor in development, but our state is facing some problem on sourcing teachers. However, it’s quite difficult to increase number of teachers in short period. From that point, the system WAMOJA developed, Ubuyu, will try to reduce teachers’ workload, so they could focus on teaching more. We believe Ubuyu system will help education system’s problem. Please support us. It is made by Tanzanian!



The WAMOJA ICT Consulting Limited (hereafter WAMOJA ICT) is a limited company operated by fully passionate and confident young professionals in the field of  Information and Communication Technology (ICT). The idea of WAMOJA business started from 2004 when a member of WAMOJA staff was working at Mzumbe University as an ICT expert. During that period, he found that one of the biggest problem in the Tanzania ICT industry was  lack of competent and qualified Human Resources in the field. That fact made him to focus on training students and develop several ICT systems to present latest technology to students and the university.
As a result, an entrepreneurial effort was made by some  current staff to implement the idea of forming WAMOJA and finally WAMOJA ICT Consulting Ltd was launched in 2012



The name, WAMOJA is a combined word of ‘WATU’ and ‘PAMOJA’ or ‘MOJA’. The meaning of ‘WATU’ is ‘People’ in Swahili. ‘PAMOJA’ is ‘Together’ and ‘MOJA’ means ‘One’. The name of ‘WAMOJA’ represents our wishes that all people would be together through WAMOJA’s technology and assistance. The logo above symbolizes all people are together across the world by combining of ‘W’ for ‘Watu’ and ‘M’ for ‘paMoja’. In the center, Tanzania is placed and it’s our wish and hope that our country, Tanzania would be a center and core of all industries and fields.