HATUAMOJA Company Limited

is operated by fully passionate and confident young professionals in the field of Information and Communication Technology (ICT). HATUAMOJA is specialized in Web and System Development and most of other Internet Business.


This year..

we are planning a great move forward with Ubuyu. We always think about how we could contribute on the society. For the first task, we starts distribute ‘Ubuyu’ system for free of charge to schools. The education is the most important factor in development, but our state is facing some problem on sourcing teachers. However, it’s quite difficult to increase number of teachers in short period. From that point, the system HATUAMOJA developed, Ubuyu, will try to reduce teachers’ workload, so they could focus on teaching more. We believe Ubuyu system will help education system’s problem. Please support us. It is made by Tanzanian!


Meet our powerful and friendly team!!

Our team is always ready for you.


“Thank you for visiting our website and getting interest in our business. I hope I could help you for further business. “


Project Manager
I am specialized in Project Management. If your business is facing some efficiency issue, I can tweak your business process and make perform better. You are the most welcome.


Senior Consultant / Developer
I am a fully passionate system developer. If you want to realize an idea to a system, find me any time. I will be your IT angel.


Consultant/ Developer
Don’t fear for any ICT issues in your business. WAMOJA is here for you. I hope Ubuyu is a great solution for our schools in Tanzania.

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